Mass spectrometry ei fragmentation asexual reproduction - Fragmentation (mass spectrometry)

Electron ionization EI , formerly known as electron impact ionization [1] and electron bombardment ionization [2] is an ionization method in which energetic...

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Tandem mass spectrometry

It is almost absent in the spectrum of a freshly-prepared sample and is not seen in Ubiquitin by use of fast atom bombardment FAB ionization and tandem mass spectrometry. The peptide containing 76 amino acid residues was available. Mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry of citrus limonoids.

The fragmentation patterns of four citrus limonoid aglycones limonin, nomilin, obacunone, and deacetylnomilin and six limonoid glucosides, that is, limonin beta-D-glucopyranoside LG , nomilin beta-D-glucopyranoside NG , nomilinic acid beta-D-glucopyranoside NAG , deacetyl nomilinic acid beta-D-glucopyranoside DNAG , obacunone beta-D-glucopyranoside OG , and obacunoic acid beta-D-glucopyranoside OAG were investigated using a quadruple mass spectrometer in low-energy collisionally activated dissociation CAD.

Ammonium hydroxide or acetic acid was added to the mobile phase to facilitate ionization. After collisionally activated dissociation CAD of the limonoid aglycone molecular ions in negative ion APCI analysis, fragment ions indicated structural information of the precursor ions, showing the presence of methyl, carboxyl, and oxygenated ring.

Protein Sequencing with Tandem Mass Spectrometry. The recent introduction of electrospray ionization techniques that are suitable for peptides and whole proteins has allowed for the design of mass spectrometric protocols that provide accurate sequence information for proteins. The advantages gained by these approaches over traditional Edman Degradation sequencing include faster analysis and femtomole, sometimes attomole, sensitivity. The ability to efficiently identify proteins has allowed investigators to conduct studies on their differential expression or modification in response to various treatments or disease states.

In this chapter, we discuss the use of electrospray tandem mass spectrometry , a technique whereby protein-derived peptides are subjected to fragmentation in the gas phase, revealing sequence information for the protein.

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