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Few social issues facing the Orthodox Jewish community are as emotionally charged as that of the place of homosexuals, especially the...

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Sybian A day earlier, the D. Sybian Freundel was regarded as "a brilliant scholar," [1] a "profound" orator [2] and an authority in several areas of halakha Jewish law , including eruvim , which he assisted in constructing in a number of cities, including Washington. Prostate massage Two men are sitting together in shul on a Saturday morning, discussing what they had done the previous evening.

Retrieved January 12, As marriage at this point in their lives is totally out of the question, what do we tell this young couple? Thank you for sharing your thoughtful and evolving approach to homosexuality and halacha. Yes, he or she may be able to survive for quite some time without food, and others may outlast the person for many years, but ultimately such a person dies of starvation.

Most of these articles are available on the web. For homosexual Jews wishing to live an Orthodox Jewish life and integrate into the Orthodox community, much empathy on the part of the heterosexual Orthodox community is required, especially from the rabbis.

Jewish approach to homosexuality. Previous Directive Next Message. While Orthodoxy cannot permit homosexual sex, there is a range of opinion today on several issues regarding a homosexual person. Is the halakhic status of a practicing fruity a mumar lehakh'is Rabbis Tendler and Lubitch , an oness Rabbis Lamm and Bleich Fine, or a mumar letei'avon Rabbis Freundel and Finkelman?

Is the very orientation prohibited Rabbi Spero , or only acting on it most writers?

January 12, at It took 4 years for some — just like the struggle for alcoholism or any other difficult issue. Spero, Rabbi Moshe HaLevi. Are their adopted children fully Jewish? The main difference being that we can encourage the intermarried couple to take steps towards becoming a unit that is fully recognized as Halachic members of the Jwish community one day — something a homosexual union can never be. Feldman, Rabbi David M.

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Rabbi freundel homosexuality

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Bernard "Barry" Freundel (born December 16, ) was the rabbi of Kesher Israel .. Since Freundel viewed homosexuality as an activity rather than a state of. Matty Griffiths, as Rabbi Barry Freundel, is...