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If you're looking for more content for your 4K TV , you'll soon have somewhere new to turn: The Google-owned company will demonstrate 4K...

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Panasonic has dropped the production of plasma TVs, instead focus efforts on increased levels of interaction. PointGrab's gesture-driven interfaces are at least as old as the Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion, but PointGrab's software solution works with standard 2D cameras.

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Sony Wants to Compete...
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Hello, friends, frenemies, and enemies!

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YouTube Takes the Plunge to 4K — But There's a Catch

Like, I was worried for her safety. That way you set yourself up for success and a really sweet Maid of Honor speech. She moved out in strong, boybye style. Actual quote the night before my birthday party: This is the one. It will help me stay accountable for updating my blog, and in turn, I can hear your stories, answer your questions, and try to give you some solid advice.

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  • Samsung's Inch Curved 4K TV: Less TV, More Movie Theater

I got some eyes-on duration with the inch setting, as understandably as Samsung's whole score of curved 4K TVs at a private media event Sunday night.

In favour of the inch model, Samsung is using an ultra-wide ratio of 21x9 to take leverage of the size and curvature of the standard. It has 11 million pixels and includes an Auto Intricacy Enhancer to bring pictures to soul.

In soul, the make up looks lower like a TV and more coextensive a silent picture theater cover. Samsung isn't expecting the average shelter theater booster to plunk down the money for the duration of a inch curved 4K TV, so it's launching a broader curved 4K TV lineup, too —the U Series. The followers took feedback from its OLED lineup and has refined the curves and bezels to fit with a digit of several sizes.

The U Series will be available in inch, inch and inch variants. Samsung also said that the sizes announced today are just the beginning and that it is listening to client feedback round other sizes, too.

On the downside, curved TVs take up more place. The first-rate viewing ordeal is around 9 to 13 feet away, signification you pine a bigger room in the course of a inch curved enhance than you might on just a standard HDTV or 4K TV. The company is also seeing into addressing the wait concern with new modifiable displays, where users can control the contour of the curve.

This takes place on the retard itself, using a four-step process, but can be aided on devices or content that delivers upscaled content as well.



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